Introducing Megan Meow, a renowned tattoo artist hailing from New Westminster, BC, Canada. Megan is known for her exquisite expertise in black and grey tattoo artistry. With a distinctive focus on erotic, floral and portrait tattoos, Megan's work embodies a unique blend of sensuality and intricate botanical beauty. Her mastery in creating captivating, detailed pieces has garnered her a dedicated following in the tattoo community.

Excitement is brewing as Megan prepares for a guest appearance at Morningstar Tattoo Parlor October 3 to 5. As she brings her signature style and passion for evocative black and grey designs to the Bay Area, tattoo enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the opportunity to be adorned by her artistry. With her upcoming stint at Morningstar, Megan is set to leave a lasting impression on clients seeking tattoos that seamlessly blend sensuality and the natural world into timeless works of body art.

Please reach out to Megan by email and say “Hey, I’d like to get tattooed by you during your upcoming visit to Morningstar”.